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2023 Call for Speakers/Presenters

Azure Back to School is back again this year. Last year, we had enough participants to have 1-2 presentations daily for all 30 days of September. I’d like to have twice this many this year. Submit your sessions between 15 May 2023 and 14 July 2023. Sessions can be videos (pre-recorded or live stream) or blog articles or both. Sessions should have something actionable that the viewers can learn and execute on their own.

Submit your session here: https://sessionize.com/azure-back-to-school-2023/

EVERYONE IS ACCEPTED!! You will be notified before 1 August 2023.

First time speakers If you want a mentor, we can find one for you at https://www.speakingmentors.com/

Schedule will be online by 15 August 2023 at https://azurebacktoschool.github.io