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2020 Content

Date Topic Contributor
1-Sep-2020 Welcome to Azure Back-to-School plus “Breaking Down the Network Chains” – Network Watcher Dwayne Natwick
2-Sep-2020 How to Build an Azure Kubernetes Cluster using Managed Azure Active Directory integration Richard Hooper
3-Sep-2020 Azure Certification Preparation – Video, Azure Certification Preparation – Post Gregor Suttie
4-Sep-2020 Beginning with Azure Functions in Visual Studio Jurgen Kevelaers
7-Sep-2020 Azure Hybrid including Hybrid Identity, Hybrid Device and Hybrid Exchange Shabaz Darr
8-Sep-2020 Introduction to Azure Monitor Vaibhav Gujral
9-Sep-2020 Azure Maps and Xamarin Luis Beltran
10-Sep-2020 Windows Virtual Desktop Neil McLoughlin
11-Sep-2020 Application Networking – Breaking Down the Azure Network Chains Dwayne Natwick
12-Sep-2020 Azure DevOps is not for IT Pro’s (says no one ever again) – Video, Blog post Peter De Tender
13-Sep-2020 Serverless Big Data pipelines LaBrina Loving
14-Sep-2020 Exploring Azure Resources with Azure Graph Explorer Vukasin Terzic
15-Sep-2020 On-premise serverless app via Kubernetes and KEDA Stas Lebedenko
16-Sep-2020 Azure AZ-900 study guide, NEW! AZ-104 study guide Nick Colyer
17-Sep-2020 Azure Backup on Azure resources. Video, Blog post Wim Matthyssen
18-Sep-2020 The future of ARM Templates with Project Bicep Karel De Winter
19-Sep-2020 Virtual Network Gateways (includes demo) – Breaking Down the Azure Network Chains Dwayne Natwick
20-Sep-2020 Azure Function keys and API management Joel Hebert
21-Sep-2020 Azure Sentinel Ed Baker
22-Sep-2020 Deploying Terraform from develop to production consecutively using Azure DevOps Thomas Thornton
23-Sep-2020 Azure Lighthouse Alan Kinane
24-Sep-2020 Migration Journey from on-premises to Azure Sarah Lean
25-Sep-2020 ARM templates overview Marco Obinu
26-Sep-2020 DevSecOps – Integrating Security Practices with Azure DevOps Mark Patton
27-Sep-2020 Scalable Web Apps Tiago Costa
28-Sep-2020 Enterprise shared file services with Azure NetApp Files Kirk Ryan
29-Sep-2020 Building and Hosting client-side apps by leveraging Blazor, Static Website in Azure Storage and Azure CDN - Video, Blog post Hugo Barona
30-Sep-2020 Azure Pipelines to deploy ARM templates Dave Rendon
1-Oct-2020 Azure Back-to-School Wrap-up video and Blog post Dwayne Natwick