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2021 Content

Date Topic Contributor
1-Sep-2021 Welcome to Azure Back-to-School 2021 Dwayne Natwick
1-Sep-2021 Azure VMware Solution Overview Shannon Kuehn
2-Sep-2021 Microsoft Teams devices integration with Endpoint Manager Shabaz Darr and Sam O’Donnell
3-Sep-2021 AIoT – Edge Video Analytics and Azure John Lunn and Chris Wright
4-Sep-2021 Azure Cost Management Abdul Kazi and Chris Gill
5-Sep-2021 Send Custom Updates from Dynamics CRM to Power Automate Flows for Integration Venkata Subbarao Polisetty
6-Sep-2021 Automating your Azure infrastructure with Pulumi Tidjani Belmansour
7-Sep-2021 Jurassic Governance - 10 tips to save your resources from extinction Yannick Dils and Thomas Van Laere
8-Sep-2021 Azure Cognitive Service: Bring AI to your applications in 3 steps! Luis Beltran and Carla Vanesa Mamani Chavez
9-Sep-2021 Azure is 100% High-Available… or is it? Peter De Tender
10-Sep-2021 Managing your Azure environment security guardrails with Azure Bicep Elkhan Yusubov
11-Sep-2021 Connect and Manage Microsoft Resources with Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel Shannon Kuehn and Dwayne Natwick
12-Sep-2021 Analyzing Azure DevOps auditing streams in your SIEM of choice Peter De Tender and James Cook
13-Sep-2021 Infrastructure as Code for Azure: Bicep and Terraform John Folberth
14-Sep-2021 API First Design and Azure API Management Joel Hebert
15-Sep-2021 DAPR in action: Pros and cons, lessons learned Stas Lebedenko and Illya Solovyov
16-Sep-2021 FinOps on Microsoft Azure Martyn Coupland
17-Sep-2021 Bicep builders: Azure Sentinel and Policy as Code Jesse Loudon and Casey Mullineaux
18-Sep-2021 Managing AVD the modern way Stefan Dingemanse and Sander Rozemuller
19-Sep-2021 Monitor Office 365 Environment with Azure Sentinel Nanddeep Nachan and Smita Nachan
20-Sep-2021 From Zero to GitOps with AKS Thomas Thornton and Karl Cooke
21-Sep-2021 An introduction to Azure Managed Identities Darren Robinson
22-Sep-2021 Landing Zone at scale in regulated environment Michał Furmankiewicz
23-Sep-2021 Build everything on Serverless! Divakar Kumar
24-Sep-2021 Azure Private Link & Azure Private Endpoint, what’s so Private about it? Micha Wets and Wim Matthyssen
25-Sep-2021 Building connected environments with Azure Digital Twins (Video link within the accompanying blog article) Brian Gorman
26-Sep-2021 Azure cloud for the web frontend developers Maxim Salnikov
27-Sep-2021 What the world would be like if Azure Arc didn’t exist Karel De Winter
28-Sep-2021 Deploying Azure Policies as Code Vaibhav Gujral
29-Sep-2021 Zero to Hero with Azure Virtual WAN Derek Smith
30-Sep-2021 IoT Central for any extensible IoT project Riccardo Zamana
1-Oct-2021 Azure Back-to-School Wrap-up video Dwayne Natwick


Azure Back to School is BACK in 2021. This year, we would like to make this a true event to educate the community as well as mentor new speaker involvement. The call for speakers is open at this link: Azure Back to School Call for Speakers. We request that the submission is for a Video presentation with one experienced presenter and one new or less experienced presenter that you would like to assist in getting involved in the #CloudFamily community.

Feel free to reach out to me at @DwayneNcloud directly with any questions.

Hyperlinks to each topic’s content will be updated each day. Contributors are also asked to post their contribution on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn, at minimum) with the link to this page (https://azurebacktoschool.tech) and the hashtag #AzureBacktoSchool. We would like videos to be submitted a week prior to upload and schedule them on the Captain Hyperscaler YouTube channel in the Azure Back to School 2021 playlist. If you would like to have an accompanying blog post, you can do that as well, but the primary content should be a video recording. Length is not important, but try to keep it under an hour.

See Azure Advent Calendar Azure Festive Calendar and Azure Spring Clean sites for some great content to help you with ideas and education.